Denmark to overhaul green card scheme

 Among the changes will be the implementation of a ‘fast track’ system tailored to large Danish firms and foreign companies with Danish divisions. Companies can apply for a special certification that will then allow them to have a foreign employee start work before formally obtaining a work permit. 
 The new green card rules will also include a three-year trial aimed at entrepreneurs from third world countries. ‘Start-up Denmark’ will allow for perspective entrepreneurs to submit a business plan, which approved will result in a resident permit. The scheme will be capped at 50 entrepreneurs per year. 
 “The introduction of a new scheme for entrepreneurs from third world countries makes Denmark more attractive,” the tax minister, Morten Østergaard, said. “As will a new card aimed at retaining talented young students after they have finished their schooling in Denmark. All of these things will contribute to growth and job creation.”
 Through a tightening of some green card requirements, the government was able to get the traditionally anti-immigration Danish People’s Party to support the deal. 
 “The green card scheme has created massive problems and for many years we have tried to tighten it up,” DF’s Martin Henriksen said. “Now we have made some progress. We smoothed out the worst knots in the government’s proposal, so therefore we are happy overall with the agreement.”

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