UK Government has Proposed Changes in Immigration Fees From 6th April

The UK government is preparing to set highest levels on amount of major fee categories that could be charged by the Home Office in next four years. There are no present plans for increasing the fees to its highest levels.  However, it aimed at making the immigration and the system of citizenship self-funded by those who utilize it.

The Major Changes are as Follows:

A slight increase of 2% for visit, work and study visas for access clearance fees for Tier 2, these would increase from 564 pounds to 575 pounds for three-year visa from 1,1,28 pounds to 1,151 pounds for a five-year visa. 
In nation additional leave to stay would increase from 651 pounds to 664 pounds for visa of three year period and from 1302 pounds to 1328 pounds for a five-year visa. The similar fee would be levied for every dependent.
The utmost fee that is proposed for entire Tier 2 applications is 1500 pounds as mentioned above there are no urgent plans to hike the fees for this amount.
Similar day processing for in nation application would rise by 25% from the present 400 pounds to 500 pounds.
Priority postal processing for in nation applications would rise by 25% from the present 300 pounds to 375 pounds.
Fees for settlement would rise by 25% for the key applicant and each dependent applying for the settlement; the fee would increase from 1500 pounds to 1875 pounds. If the same day processing is needed, every applicant would now require paying around 2375 pounds. The highest level of fees planned for this category is around 3250 pounds.
Nationality fees would rise by 25%; every applicant would now require paying around 1156 pounds from the present 1005 pounds of fees.
The entire sponsor licensing application fees would remain at the present rates.

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