Thousands of Britain’s curry houses face closure because of immigration rules

AN estimated 12,000 curry houses in Britain are facing closure because of the UK’s inability to have its own immigration policy.
According to analysts the sector is facing problems because the only way to control immigration is to prevent people from coming in from outside the EU.
The warnings come ahead of crisis talks this week in London involving 600 restaurant owners who are set to meet politicians over the future of an industry which is worth £4.5 billion to the UK and employs 100,000 people.
Previously, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has pointed out that the industry could be helped out if the UK could have “a points based” immigration system to allow people with skills the UK needs into the country.
However, under the current system the UK has to accept everybody from the European Union and can only place restrictions on those from outside Europe.
Tory MP Paul Scully,, will be attending this week’s talks is undertaking a comprehensive state-of-the-industry survey.
He said “It’s a big exercise but it is worth doing. It is unimaginable to think of Britain without a curry house on every high street.”
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