UK Commonwealth Work Visa attracts Indian Students

In International Higher Education sector Indian students are highly desired, Boris Johnson London Mayor recently proposed a new visa scheme to British Universities to draw more students from India.
What is concerned in this initial scheme, and how do countries and students similar stand to profit ? 
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About the Commonwealth Work Visa


This visa allows students from commonwealth partner to stay in UK to work for two years, despite of salary requirements, following the finish of their degree. First beneficiaries will be given to Indian students; if the program is successful the visa will be extended to other nations.
For Indian students this visa is terrific news, but for UK it is savvy strategy in escalation both cross border relationship and its bottom line; In London Indian students are the city’s 3rd revenue generator, but Over the past five years the numbers has been declined.
Closing the Skills Gap:
For STEM graduates a special work visa proposed by Johnson, which is valid to all students from all nations. According to Johnson, these changes will helps to recover the critical skills shortage in UK in areas such as Engineering, Technology and Life Sciences.
Towards Immigration and International students UK has taken a hard stand, Johnson insists that, “Restrictions on International students are putting off the talented Indians from coming to study in the capital, because of that we are losing India’s top talent and global leaders of the future to nations like United States and Australia.”
The Commonwealth work visa represents Johnson’s attempt to overturn the downward drift of mobility to the UK, international collaboration, innovation, and boosting revenue in the process.

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