Applications open for the Tech Nation Visa Scheme

The UK government has introduced  Tech Nation Visa  that will allow games developers and other tech-centric firms to hire key talent from overseas.
The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa will allow “applicants with exceptional skills in digital technology” to enter and work within the United Kingdom.
The new system is part of the Tech Nation Visa Scheme, and you can find out more about who is elligible over at the TNVS website. The application process is now open, with an online form found here
Acquiring this visa is a two-stage process; firstly, you apply for endorsement for your candidate from both the Home Office and Tech City UK, the designated competent body assigned to endorsing the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa. Once approved, you apply for the visa proper.
Tech City UK has worked with the Home Office to ensure the new visa’s elligibility criteria, revised from a previous visa, fit the needs of the digital and creative industries in the UK.
The scheme has already been backed and praised by games organisations such as trade body TIGA.

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