UK: Asian, black students benefit most from study abroad, IU reports

Black and Asian students benefit the most from a period of study overseas, with a bigger gap than average in unemployment rates between mobile and non-mobile graduates of UK universities, according to a new report from the UK’s Higher Education International Unit.
Almost 10% (9.9%) of non-mobile black graduates were unemployed six months after completing their studies, compared with 5.4% of those who participated in a mobility programme.
And looking at Asian graduates, only 4.4% of those who spent a period of time overseas were unemployed, compared to 9.5% of their non-mobile counterparts not in employment.
On average, in the 2013/14 graduating cohort, only 5% of all mobile graduates in the UK were unemployed six months after completing their studies compared with 7% of non-mobile graduates.
The report also highlights, however, that participation among the ethnic groups whose employability is most likely to benefit from study abroad is significantly lower than among white students.
On average, 2.9% of black students participate in a mobility programme, compared with 5.8% of white students. Only 3.3% of Asian students participate in a mobility programme.
he report, Gone International: the value of mobility, is the second edition from IU, which looked at data from HESA enrolment data and the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey for 2013/14.
It compiled data from 245,620 UK-domiciled students, who graduated in the 2013/14 academic year.
Of these students, 13,355 had participated in a mobility programme at some point in their course.
Anne-Marie Graham, head of programme, outward student mobility at IU, said that widening participation is one of the organisation’s strategies.
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