Tier 4 application form and new application method

On 26 February 2016 the Home Office permanently removed the old ‘iApply’ Tier 4 application form from use.  As a result, all Tier 4 applicants in the UK must now use the same application form. 
We have alerted the Home Office to a number of difficulties with the new application form, but they have told us that they will prioritise improvements to the form based upon the feedback they receive from users.  We would therefore encourage you to provide feedback to the Home Office via the online survey.
On the whole the new form seems to be more user friendly than the old form.  It also gives applicants an extra option regarding how they submit their documents to the Home Office.  The old form only included ‘standard applications’ and ‘premium applications’.  These options still exist but the new form also includes a ‘priority service’ option, which is currently being tested at a small number of institutions.  We will let you know when this option is available to all applicants, in the meantime we have summarised the different application methods below:
Type of application
Application fee
Application fee from 18 March 2016
Method of submitting documents to the Home Office
Normal decision time
By post within 15 working days
8 weeks
Priority service*
By post within 2 working days
10 working days
In person within 45 working days
24 hours
*Not yet available to all applicants.
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