Companies can’t hire staff because of the cap on skilled migrants

Vacancies are being left unfilled as there aren’t enough Tier 2 visas to go round.
As the Tories triumphantly took office in May, there were warnings the visa cap for skilled, non-EU migrants was about to be breached. And, lo, in June the monthly quota was filled in just 11 days. Now the CBI has said some large companies are unable to fill vacancies.
Around 20 big companies have complained to the business lobby group that they have been unable to bring their hires to the UK, after falling foul of the monthly Tier 2 visa limit (1,650 in June, out of 20,700 for the whole year), according to the Telegraph.
The cap ‘worked during the recession,’ but was causing problems now the economy was growing relatively healthily again, CBI deputy director general Katja Hall said, although she didn’t suggest what level it should be raised to.
‘I understand the need of government to tackle public concerns about migration but I don’t think they are concerned about skilled migrants or students,’ outgoing director general John Cridland said.
The strangulating Tier 2 cap, and the Government’s recent announcement that non-EU students at further education colleges won’t be able to work in the UK during their studies here, suggest otherwise though. The Tories have been clamping down on those categories of migrants in their foolish, unworkable pledge to bring net migration down to ‘tens of thousands’.
The Conservatives ‘need to back out of the cul-de-sac they are in’ over the target, Cridland said. As the business community keeps repeating, almost to death, the Government needs to concentrate on training Brits properly for today’s economy, instead of throttling growing companies that are chomping at the bit to bring on new staff they can’t find in the EU.



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