Most Indian students now prefer Canada

It is believed that the situation will prevail only till the next presidential elections.
The deportation of Telugu students from the US has taught a lesson to the aspirants as well the consultancies that encouraged students with very low scores in language proficiency tests and academics.
The US Homeland Security has tightened the noose around students visiting certain universities at the Port of Entry and turned down hundreds so far.
With this, Canada is turning out to be the latest destination of abroad education aspirants. But Canada’s strict requirement of 6.5 band in Ielts and US’s easy visa policy in last six months attracted more students to choose US over Canada. Even there are students who failed to get visa for Canada and then made it to the US.
“Canada is the other best option available for students. One can get into the country easily if Ielts score is achieved and later move to US for work after acquiring PR from Canada in just three years”, said Mr KSR Anjaneyulu, regional manager at Visu Academy one of the leading abroad education consultancies in city.
“US aspirants with good academic background, GRE, Ielts score would never face any problem. But if one with low GRE and Ielts score make it to US with admission in low ranked universities they will be in trouble.”, Mr Anjaneyulu added.
Working students in Texas live in fear, chats checked
Students in the US particularly Texas and nearby states are living in apprehension with the US government becoming strict against part time job doers post deportation episode.
A majority of the Telugu students in the US are giving up part time jobs only to end up in financial crisis.
Students also say that phones, emails, Whatsapp and others of the Indian students are being tapped by the local authorities to get leads over part time jobs and others from their discussions.
It is believed that the situation will prevail only till the next presidential elections but uncertainty is still on.
“There are raids being conducted everywhere. The gas station where I was working was raided a couple of days after I left the job there expecting such raids. There is more focus on cities in Texas where a large number of Telugu students study. We are running out of money and have to depend on our families for  support,” said a MS student from Texas.
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