Earn $50K Or Go Home! New UK Visa Rules Branded ‘Inhumane’ and ‘Ludicrous’

In an attempt to limit the number of immigrants settling in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May wants non-European Union migrants to earn US $50,000 and above to remain in Britain.
The same Home Secretary, who championed the Anti-Slavery Bill, appears to be quantifying people — more specifically immigrants — as a commodity. Theresa May wants to only allow people to remain in the UK on the basis on how much they are worth to the British economy.
‘Inhumane, Short-Sighted’
During a debate in Westminster which was secured by a petition calling for the government to scrap the US$50,000 threshold, Scottish National Party MP Stuart McDonald quoted a member of his constituency who could face deportation under the new rules, despite holding three university degrees.
The debate was the first time MPs had the chance to analyze the US$50,000 threshold for non-European Union workers since it was pushed through without a Commons vote in 2012. It’s due to come into effect in April and will mean migrant workers who have lived in Britain under the Tier II visa system could be deported unless they prove they will earn at least US$50,000.
‘Ludicrous & Arbitrary’
“Tier II visas, let us remind ourselves are given to people who are coming to work here in a job that has already been advertised locally,” Mr Sheppard argued.




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