Is this the end of the Schengen visa as we know it?

The ongoing refugee crisis carries with it the prospect of European countries putting permanent border controls back in place.

Austria, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are among the 26 countries in the Schengen Area that have already reintroduced short-term border controls. Meaning that if you are planning to travel to these countries, additional visa checks will be in place, over and above your paperwork for your Schengen visa application.

Statista reports the controls also hamper the free flow of traffic and therefore slow down the cross border exchange of goods and services – even affecting tourism and cross border commuting.

“As the refugee crisis shows no sign of abating and with no prospect of securing Europe’s common outward border, reestablishing controls within could become a permanent reality again.”


According to the report the failure of the Schengen Agreement could have more far-reaching effects, as the open borders policy is central to the European Union’s political and economic integration of its member states.



“The figures are projections and in this sense fallible. But it is very unlikely that hampering the free flow of people, goods and services would have no detrimental impact at all on the economies of the Schengen Area, of which non-EU states Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are also members. If Schengen fails, there will be a negative economic impact, it’s just hard to predict on what scale,”

It is suggested that economic fallout will also be felt by non-Schengen EU members such as Great Britain, with predictions of ripple effects for the likes of China and the US, which is bound to affect the rest of the world.



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