New Immigration Changes will affect from 6th April 2016 in UK

UK Government increases its fees for visas, immigration as well as for nationality. This would be likely to be affected from 6thApril  2016.
Fee structure for UK Government:
  • 25% of increase in Fee for  UK settlement, Residency and Nationality
  • For work, study and visit visas there is 2% increase
  • Specific targeted increase for premium services
UK Immigration high recommends that clients who qualify should contact us immediately so that they can prevent the Fee structure.
From April 6th, 2016  there will be minimum pay  threshold for Tier2 migrants who are applying for ILR i.e. Indefinite Leave Remain  in the  UK.
From this date,  an applicant has  to earn 35,000 pounds in order to apply for ILR or to remain in the UK or else they have to leave the UK.
Exemptions for this new rules are:
  • Tier2 migrants whose occupations have to skilled to  Ph.D. level
  • Whose occupations are in Shortage Occupation list
  • Certain circumstances are there for Tier2 migrants who were previously sponsored as a tier2 general migrants at that time when their  occupation have been listed as the Shortage Occupation list
Pay threshold will not be applicable for the persons if they had a continuous 5-year period and who have submitted the ILR application before the date. This includes a period of leave as following:
  • Qualified Work Permit Holder or the Tier2 migrant whose Sponsorship Certificate have been appointed for the applicant before 6th April  2016.
Tier2 migrants can normally stay in the UK after five years  also but they will remain for only 12 months in the UK. BIC highly recommends for Tier2 migrants that have to apply for ILR before 6 April  2016.

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