Government visa rules are making Britain a ‘difficult and unattractive’ study destination for international students

Business school dean tells report: ‘The UK has become less attractive than the US, Canada or Australia’
The Government’s “damaging” visa policies are making Britain a “difficult and unattractive” place to study for international students, a new report has warned.
According to the findings from the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), last year’s business school student intake from outside the EU “fell sharply” by almost nine per cent. This, in turn, could have a detrimental effect on postgraduate taught programmes – such as the MBA – where 52 per cent of students are international.
Despite business and administration courses being among the most popular in the UK, and the country having some of the world’s top schools – from where both undergraduates and MBA graduates can expect “above average earnings” when compared with other subjects – business school leaders have told the report prospective overseas students are being “turned off” by Britain’s post-study work restrictions. Instead, they are choosing other countries to study in.
One business school dean said: “The UK, as a destination, has become less attractive than the US, Canada, or Australia. This is largely the consequence of post-study work visa issues.”
Another has been quoted as saying: “Increased forecasts for student recruitment to the UK is ‘la-la land’.”
On the whole, CABS said international students studying business contribute £2.4 billion to universities and the UK economy. However, its latest figures have revealed this to be in decline.
Now, though, together with its members, CABS said it is calling on the Government to change the policy on student visas to make Britain “a more attractive place to study again.”

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