Common USA Student visa interview questions and answers

Q: Why did you choose to study in US? / Why you want to pursue your degree from US?
A: Academic experience from a US university is highly valued around the world. Also, US universities offer excellent research opportunities through many assistant-ship  programs. On top of that, having global exposure tremendously helps to advance my career.
Q: What do you know about American universities? / Why study in US, why not UK or Canada?
A: American universities are well known for their quality of education and research opportunities. Their programs are well designed with equal importance on theoretical knowledge along with strong practical skills.
Q: What will be your specialization in MS? / What will be your major in MS?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: I will be majoring in Computer Science)
Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: I will return back to India and would like to work as Software Developer)
Q: Are you sure you will be coming back to India after studies? / Will you be coming back to India after graduation?
A: Yes! India has great opportunities in the field of my study. The advance degree I will be pursuing from US will be a great asset in advancing my career here in India. 
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Q: Have you been to the States before? / Have you ever been outside India?
A: No! I have never been outside India.
Q: Can I see your Bachelor’s diploma?
A: Sure! (Provide the diploma)
Q: What was your major in undergrad? / What was your concentration in Bachelor’s?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: I did Bachelor’s in computer science)
Q: When and from which university did you graduate?
A: I graduated in XXXX(year) from XYZ university
Q: Can I see your marksheets/transcripts?
A: Sure! (Give office your transcripts/marksheets)
Q: Do you have your GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT score reports?
A: Yes! (Provide the originals)
Q: What all universities did you apply?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: I applied to 3 universities)
Q: Which universities did you get admission?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: I got admission from all 3 universities)
Q: Which university are going to?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: Did you get any scholarship?
A: Answer accordingly (eg: Yes! I was awarded X dollars scholarship)
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Q: Can you tell me some good things about this university?
A: I have interacted with few current students who are pursuing their Masters at this University. They  advised it’s one of the Universities that offers great research opportunities in the field I will be studying and on top of that, it has outstanding faculty.
Q: Did you contact any professors from that university?
A: Yes! I did speak with couple professors. I inquire about their course curriculum
Q: Do you happen to remember those professors names?
A: Name couple of professors
Q: Do you happen to know about the city you will be going?
A: Know about the place (e.g: I heard Houston weather is very much similar to Indian weather. So that definitely helps me to get adjusted to it pretty quickly).
Q: Do you have family in the US?
A: I do not have any family
Q: Do you have friends in US?
A: Yes! I do have couple friends
Q: What is your father?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: Do you have siblings?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: Who is sponsoring your studies?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: My father is sponsoring my education)
Q: What is your father’s income?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: Can I see tax returns?
A: Sure! (provide the documents)
Q: Can I see Bank Statements/Passbook?
A: Sure (provide the documents)
Q: Did you take any loans?
A: Answer appropriately (If yes, give the officer your loan approval letter)
Q: Where do your parents live?
A: Answer appropriately
Additional questions for those who are currently working and going for MS in US
Q: Who is your currently employer?
A: I am currently working for ABC company.
Q: What is your role and responsibilities?
A: I work as a System Analyst. I design, develop, and test applications for the clients (Answer appropriately)
Q: Since how long you have been working for this company?
A: I have been working here for X years
Q: How much is your salary?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: How big is this company? (Number of employees)
A: It has about X employees
Q: Well, your current employers sounds strongly established, why do you want to leave?
A: In this highly competitive world, having global exposure through abroad studies is important in advancing my career and it also, enhances my ability to work with different cultures.  

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