Spousal/Partner Visas

People in relationships with UK citizens, permanent residents or EU Citizens can be sponsored to come to the UK with a view to being here permanently.
The UK-based partner must either be a British or EU citizen or a permanent resident (generally those who at least have Indefinite Leave to Remain)
Requirements :
In order to apply for the Unmarried partner visa you will need to prove that you have been in a relationship and living together for at least 24 months, and be able to provide evidence of this.
You will need documents such as joint tenancy or mortgage agreements, utility bills addressed to you both or individually at the same address, joint bank account statements, and any other correspondence addressed to you both at the same address. Any previous relationship or marriage on either part must have permanently broken down and if either of you have been married before you will need to provide the divorce certificate.
If your spouse is a British Citizen or UK Permanent Resident the visa you will be granted is a 2 year marriage/unmarried spouse visa. If your spouse is an EEA National you will be granted initially with a 6 month visa and on arrival in the UK you will be required to obtain the full 5 year EEA family permit.
Alternatively, if your spouse holds a visa for the UK you will be granted with a visa valid until the expiry of the main applicant’s visa. The visa you will be granted will allow you full work rights in the UK. At the end of the initial visa you will then be able to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK.
Financial Requirements :
n 9 July 2012, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) updated the rules regarding visas for spouses, partners and family members of UK citizens or settled persons. To qualify for a “family of a settled person” visa, you must now meet certain financial requirements.
For example:
Partner with no children – £18,600 annual income or £62,500 cash savings
One child in addition to the partner – £22,400 annual income or £72,000 cash savings
Two children in addition to the partner – £24,800 annual income or £78,000 cash savings
English Language Requirements :
Applicants for visas and permission to remain in the UK (known as ‘leave to remain’) must meet this requirement, unless they are exempt (see below). The requirement was introduced on 29 November 2010.
You will meet the requirement if you can show that you:
are a national of a majority English-speaking country; or
have passed an English language test approved by the UK Border Agency at the appropriate level; or
hold a degree that was taught in English and is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or above.
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